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Our Services

Our passionate and forward-thinking team stays on top of the latest developments in electrical materials and trends, positioning us as industry innovators. We pride ourselves on our adaptability, focus, and creativity. So, whenever a client has a problem or innovative idea, they can be confident that Ampcon will have the solution.

Our end-to-end range of electrical services includes, but is not limited to:

– Electrical alterations or repairs for both individual dwelling units and common areas.

– Preventive maintenance for distribution equipment.

– Comprehensive lighting audits and retrofits.

– Stand-by generator installations.

– Audio, video, and communication cabling.

– Access Control and ADO installation.

– Fire alarm system wiring.

– Infrared scanning and report generation.

– Knob and tube retrofitting.

– Installation of surveillance camera systems.

– Landscape lighting design and installation.

– Connections for hot tubs and pool equipment.

– And electric vehicle charging systems, through our sister company, EV Jet.

– 24/7 emergency services and electrical maintenance contracts

Our proven track record, expert team, and unwavering focus on delivering value has led us to forge partnerships with some of the leading names in real estate, retirement living, and insurance. Contact us today to find out how Ampcon can become your ideal electrical service partner.